Branding and Identity Design

That was my Capstone Project in the UMass Lowell Graphic Design Program. I was tasked to help a professional horse trainer, expand the reach of her southern New Hampshire’s business by providing professional brand identity services.

Allison’s business needed a name. She wanted to sell a line of horse care and tack products. Surfaces to carry the identity mark of the company included the barn, the horse trailers and pickup trucks, invoicing paperwork, a stable road side sign, saddle soap, horse blankets,  helmets, riding crops, etc. Her services included private riding lessons, both English and Western, carriage driving lessons, horse training of all kinds, buying and selling of horses of types, and stabling and care of client animals. Allison’s beliefs included love for horses as well as the New Hampshire tenets of low taxes, low regulations, and “live free or die.”


The Greek sign in the logo is simple and persuasive, it speaks about strong fundamental relationships between a horseman and a horse, symbolizing the “center of activity,” and also hints at the long history between humans and horses.


For this project, it is critical to select a typeface that is clean and legible from a distance and in small sizes, as the typeface will be used for signs, trucks, trails’ surfaces, print collateral, and so forth. The typeface also needs to be sufficiently modern and reflect an “elegant” and “gracious” style requirements typically associated with the equines. A combination of Frutiger and Bodoni typefaces works very good with in this case. Frutiger is a humanist sans serif, which has modern appearance and legibility at various angles, sizes, and distances. Bodoni will give an elegant and gracious feel of the brand.

Color Palette

The brown color scheme emphasizes  dependability, reliability, professionalism, and care. As the dark brown color is earthy color, it also speaks well about all the hard work, the mud and dirt, and all the challenges associated with taking care of the horses at the professional level.  Light tint of beige in contrast to dark brown brings touches of calm and relaxation, showing that all of the hard work is ultimately worth it in the end.

Business Stationery