Food Delivery App for UX Locale restaurant

Creating time-saving solution for busy people



UX Locale is a family-owned restaurant that serves the suburb area of the Shrewsbury town. UX Local offers a high standard of fresh & flavorful food made with seasonal, limited & local, high quality ingredients all at a reasonable price.

UX Locale restaurant currently has a website where customers can choose meals and make orders by phone. 

Project goal:

Create reliable, easy to use for diverse group of people food delivery app that will save customer’s time on the meal planning, and  and helps UX Locale restaurant to remain competitive in the neighborhood.  


UX/UI designer, UX researcher

Project Duration

Sept 2021- Dec 2021


User research, ideating, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing 

Understanding the User:

  • User research
  • Personas
  • Problem statements
  • User journey maps

User research summary

I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I am designing for, their expectations and needs. A primary user group identified through research was busy working family with children, who want to feed kids healthy food but have no time for cooking or visiting restaurants. This user group confirmed initial assumptions about the UX Local customers. 

I’ve also conducted a research of the existing food delivery apps to get a better understanding of what key features they have and read customers reviews to identify pain points and what features people want. Research also revealed that time was not the only factor limiting users from cooking at home or visiting restaurants. Other problems customers face while planning their meal include obligations, interests, challenges with ordering from the website, difficulties with shopping groceries to cook meals, covid restrictions and limited abilities.

User Pain Points


Working adults want to feed their kids with a healthy meals, but do not have time for cooking or visiting restaurants


Text- heavy menus are difficult to read and hard to understand what the meal is look like.


With the pandemic restrictions dine-in option was no longer available, the ordering was only available by phone

Long menus

Customers instead of reading long menus prefer pre-defined dinner options.



Problem statement

Sara is a busy working mom with three children, who needs an easy and fast way to order and deliver healthy and fresh meals from the trusted restaurant, because she have no time to cook meals or to go to the restaurant .


Problem statement

Jim is a working adult who works late hours, and looking for a fast way to get fresh meals to his table, because he have no time to browse menus on the website, or to go to the restaurant .

User journey map

Mapping user journey for Sarah revealed how helpful for the UX Local customers would be creating food delivery App.