My personal project

Given my educational background in Business Administration and some work experience in the banking industry, I am especially interested in designing solutions for the fintech.


The Problem: 

As competition increases and technology advances, banks are finding it increasingly difficult to create a satisfactory user experience.

To stay competitive in the market, banks have had to undergo digital transformations of their products.

Mobile technology has been the driving force behind the improvements in user experience in banking, allowing users to access banking products and services in a convenient, enjoyable way, mostly from their mobile phones. In Asia, the emergence of super apps has also provided users with a unique user experience.

Project Goal:

Create enjoyable user experience for mobile banking super app prototype. According to this innovative banking super app concept, banks will have the opportunity to become much more than a financial service provider and expand their services to meet almost any financial, leisure, or lifestyle needs of their customers.



UI designer

Project Duration

Feb 2022- may 2022


UX/UI design


To get started with the app structure and functionality I created a mind map for the banking super app concept, functionality, and possible services for users.

Based on the mind map themes I came up with the information architecture of the app.

I used a crazy 8 technique to develop ideas for the main dashboard screen.

While brainstorming ideas on the main dashboard I focused on:

1. Simple navigation and logical IA

2. Quick and easy access to the variety of services

3. Simplifying complex processes through meaningful data and data visualization

4. Joyful experience using animation effects

5. Dashboard personalization


 I created a joyful experience by creating animated overall balance information, colorful icons, and displaying the card balance directly on the card icon.

The main panel also provides users with easy access to many third-party services. All service icon buttons are customizable so that each user can add services they want to have quick access to.

I visualized the information about accounts and cards to make it easy to perceive and understand.

Users can find card information and card balance directly on the cards, as well as account information that can be easily viewed on the dashboard.

I also created a login screen design with two options – biometrical login and password login, so the users have the choice to login quickly and securely.

I created an analytics and accounts screens mockups using animation effects, and interactive pie charts.

My goal was to create an engaging and joyful user experience.


My high fidelity prototype can be viewed at: